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Nick Wolff, President of Wolff Consulting Company

Welcome to Values and Influence.  We design, build, and explore tools to help people develop a better understanding of themselves and others.  Through these tools, people are able to learn how to be more effective and accomplish professional and life goals.

V&I was built by Nick Wolff, President of Wolff Consulting Company.   We provide consulting and educational services to individuals, groups, and companies to help them become better able to achieve!  Based in Omaha, Nebraska, we serve clients throughout the central United States and beyond!

Nick Wolff was born and raised in the City of Chicago.  He worked in the engineering profession for 13 years.  However, Nick has always cultivated a strong interest in business and entrepreneurship.  In 2006, Nick completed his dual masters in Business Administration and Organizational Behavior from Benedictine University.  He went on to perform consulting engagements with several firms including Motorola and a refinery in the Chevron Group of companies.  In 2010, he moved to Omaha to participate in a turn-around effort of a faltering engineering office.  In 2012, he became an adjunct faculty member of management at Bellevue University.  In early 2013, Nick left the engineering profession to pursue his love of teaching and helping businesses succeed.

Nick now provides management and organizational development consulting services as well as a highly interactive, games-based approach to teach business and entrepreneurship.