Legal Disclaimer

In order to protect myself, I need to state a few things about Values and Influence, what it is and what it is not.

1. Values and Influence and all that is discussed and/or referenced here is “one man’s opinion”. Nothing on this site should be construed as “legal, professional or financial advice”. If you make investing or legal decisions based on this website it is recommended that you consult a qualified professional first. If you don’t, the decision is yours and yours alone.

2. Every attempt is made to be accurate as to presenting “factual information” on the website and/or broadcasts (when applicable), but no guarantees or warranties are neither made nor implied.  Whenever they are deemed to be major mistakes corrections and retractions are published. If you feel something that effects you or your company is in error, simply bring them to my attention and if verifiable I will correct them.

3. Values and Influence should not be viewed as a “News Source”. While I often discuss current events and cite sources that are both conventional and unconventional media sources, once again the views expressed are the opinions of one man. While I always strive for accuracy I can and will be wrong at times, as any honest human will have to admit to.

4. If you choose to cite Values and Influence as a source for any piece of information you do so with the knowledge of the items expressed on this page. Values and Influence while informative and accurate is not “fact checked” by independent third parties. My show should not be used to make your point or prove you are right only as a form of entertainment and opinion. I assume no responsibility for anyone who uses my information from this show to influence the opinions of others.

Distribution Policy

1. Values and Influence is freely distributed to all audiences and information may be distributed or replicated as desired for personal use.

2. Any commercial use is limited for only approved uses.  If you desire to utilize this content, please contact me and I will review your request.  With the exception of the proprietary tools, models, and publications, in most instances such use will be approved with no fees charged.

3. Non commercial distribution of information provided herein is not only acceptable, it is encouraged, provided reference to the source material as well as reference to http://www.ValuesAndInfluence.com is provided.  This information is freely given with the understanding that you advise recipients to read this page of our website to ensure they are aware of our disclaimers.

Comments, Forums and Free Speech

1. This site aspires to the ideals of “free speech”, however, on this site it is our speech that is protected as “free speech”, not yours. This site is owned by a private person and is used to express that individual’s private views, (hence the disclaimer of, “one man’s opinion”). Any belief that your personal right to “free speech” exists on this site, which is my personal property, is only an illusion.

2. In spite of item #1 above I try to make discussion available and uncensored. 99% of comments are approved unless they are SPAM comments or use what can only be called “hate speech”. Racial slurs for instance are not tolerated about any race, nor is hateful language about anyone’s religion or sexual orientation.

3. Even though we don’t allow hate speech we do allow reasonable speech. Hence most comments or posts that used terms such as “radical Muslims” or “illegal aliens”, etc. would be allowed. That is assuming that such terms -

  • Contributes constructively to the conversation
  • Are meant to identify a group of people rather then an entire segment of society (i.e. many Mexican Americans are not illegal and many illegal aliens are not of Mexican decent)
  • Are not intended as personal attacks on other people posting to the site

In short it is generally clear when statements are bigoted or hateful and such comments are not allowed at the discretion of the site owner and or his designated moderators.

4. The final decision about the publishing or deletion of any comment, post or any other form of communication is at the sole discretion of the site owner and or his designated moderators at any and all times. There is no “recourse” or “appeal process”. If you wish to publish something we won’t allow either create your own site and use your own resources or find a platform that allows your type of communications.

5. All comments are moderated on the blog until the poster has made a few comments that are deemed appropriate. If your comment does not show up right away don’t worry, generally moderation is preformed several times a day during the week and at least twice a day on most weekends.

6. Linking to sites considered by site ownership or moderators as “hate sites” will not be permitted. While we certainly oppose “hate crime laws” as any criminal act is a criminal act and should be punished under the law of the land, we don’t endorse any true “hate group”. again you have no free speech on this site as it is private personal property.