Public Speaking

Nick Wolff is a dynamic and engaging public speaker.  He is ready to work with your organization or company learn, grown, and pursue individual and team goals.

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Nick Wolff, President of Wolff Consulting Company

Nick’s signature program, Values & Influence will teach you and your group about how our closely held values have immense ramifications for our relationships.  He will teach your team members about their unique worldview in relative to others.  You team members will use the insights gained to become more persuasive, more empathetic, better able manage conflict within the team, and better equipped to capitalize on the extraordinary diversity that exists among strong team members.


Values and Influence

People are different.  It is through our own intellectual and psychological diversity that the seeds of conflict and impasse reside.  Learn practical techniques to dramatically improve your effectiveness.

  • Understand how value differences impact our lives and workplaces
  • Discover how validating our values create greater happiness in our work
  • Manage differences to wield greater influence and emerge a greater leader

Absolutely The Most Fun Intro to Business

Geared for the layperson or novice business leader, this program uses games-based learning to learn powerful lessons about business and success.  Conveyed through board games and interactive activities, participants learn about concepts that include the following:

  • Entrepreneurial mindset & decision making
  • Navigating a financial statement
  • Business negotiation and collaboration

The Value Proposition

This program provides a powerful “cafeteria plan” of options for your team members to explore to be of greater value to their employers, leading to greater value to clients, greater profits for the employer, and greater compensation for the employee.  Participants will learn:

  • That earnings are based on the value you deliver to others
  • The eight items that determine your value
  • Ten empowering strategies to generate value
  • How to combat a career plateau